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Real identity of Caller

Not just name get information about profession and organisation as well.





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Intelligent Dialer

Always call the right people
identify the names of unknown numbers as you dial

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Stay away from Spammers

Call Blocking

You can block any number in the user profile section, you or even from numbers that do not belong in your phonebook!.

Spam Identification

Create a block list in the app, or let our Caller ID automatically detect top spammers who have been heavily marked by the Naam algorithm engine. The Caller ID will flash red, and you will be able to see their name, location, and call details.

Your privacy is our

We don't Sync...

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Text Messages

Trained on millions of touch points, Naam's intelligence turns people
information into unmatched Contact Search Engine platform.

Cutting-edge ML Intelligence to Power the Contacts Search Engine.

Precise & Relevant search from 10K+ Sources having 1M+ Data Points.

Frequently Asked Questions

Naam is an AI based Contact Identification App. Naam is a made in India app which allows users to identify unknown calls, spammers without syncing the contacts.

Because we are not syncing your contacts. No compromise with your privacy. That's why we are exploring other ways with the help of AI.

We are on a mission to become India's biggest calling app by enabling safe & secure communication between users.

  • We support Regional Languages as well.
  • Make in India app, Hosted on Indian servers.
  • Contact access Not Required.
  • No need to pay to get premium features.

  • Native Language Support - Use App in your own language.
  • Spam Blocking - Automatically became part of Naam spamming capability network which are heavily marked as spammers by the AI engine.
  • Reverse lookup - You can now do a reverse search for a number without having the number on the call log.
  • Intelligent Dialer - Always call the right people. Dial any number and the identify names of unknown numbers as you dial.
  • Real identity of User - Not just name, get information about profession and organisation as well.
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